How do I schedule delivery after I buy online?

After making your purchase online, we will call or email to schedule a delivery time that is convenient for you.

What's inside a mattress?

A typical mattress is composed of two layers: an upholstery layer (padding) and a coil/spring layer. The upholstery layer is largely responsible for the firmness of the mattress, while the spring layer offers support and some flexibility. Thicker mattresses typically have thicker upholstery layers that are made from a variety of materials such as natural fibers, different types of foam (including memory foam and latex foam), and different man-made materials. Some mattresses even have padding that is made from silk, cashmere, or wool.

What are the measurements of each mattress size and which ones are available?

Mattresses come in 7 standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king. They come in the following dimensions: Twin: 39” x 75” Twin XL: 39” x 80” Full: 54” x 75” Full XL: 54” x 80” Queen: 60” x 80” King: 76” x 80” We carry all of these mattress sizes in our inventory.

How often should I replace my mattress?

While it is recommended that you replace your mattress at least once every 5 – 7 years, there is no cut-and-dry number for every mattress and every individual. The quality of your mattress is one of the many factors that determine how long it will last. Higher-quality mattresses will generally provide a comfortable night’s sleep longer than low-quality mattresses. Aim for the recommended 5 – 7 year replacement period, but if your mattress begins to feel uncomfortable sooner than that you should have it replaced in order to ensure a high quality of sleep.

When should I turn or rotate a mattress and how many times should it be done?

Every mattress varies on this point. Please follow the information as specified in the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your mattress.

How long will a mattress last?

Most mattresses can last for many years, but the older a mattress gets, the less comfortable it becomes. The useful life of a mattress depends in large part on the quality of the materials used in its upholstery and spring layers. Mattresses that are made from quality memory foam and latex foam typically last longer than mattresses that are made from cheaper materials. Even the highest-quality mattresses should typically be replaced every 5 – 7 years for maximum comfort and quality of sleep.

How do I clean a mattress?

A mattress should be regularly cleaned in order to remove dirt and dead skin cells that slough off during your sleep. In order to protect your mattress, don't hose it down or drench it in water. Instead, vacuum it off regularly with an upholstery attachment, and then use upholstery shampoo to remove any oils or dirt from the surface of the mattress. Be sure to test your shampoo on a small area of the mattress to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage before shampooing the entire thing. Allow the mattress to thoroughly dry before using it.

What are the differences between foam and traditional innerspring mattresses?

Innerspring mattresses are typically less expensive than foam mattresses and are a good choice for individuals or families who are on a tight budget. A foam mattress is typically more comfortable and is generally a better choice for individuals who suffer from back, neck, or hip pain. Innerspring mattresses are designed to provide support, and each spring pushes upwards with the same amount of force. A foam mattress helps to distribute a person’s body weight evenly across the surface of the mattress, helping to reduce pressure points and deliver a more comfortable night’s sleep.

How do I decide which mattress firmness is right for me?

Some individuals prefer a firm mattress that has very little padding, while others can’t sleep unless they feel like they are lying down on a cloud. In order to decide what mattress firmness is right for you, lie down on a mattress for at least 10 – 15 minutes. If you can clearly feel pressure on certain parts of your body at the end of that time, then the mattress is too firm for you. If you feel like parts of your body sink too far into the mattress, then it is probably too soft for you. The ideal mattress should be firm enough to support your weight without causing excess pressure on any part of your body.
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