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Memory Foam, Hybrid, Pocketed Spring, Innerspring



Types of Mattresses

Made with durable, high-quality materials to keep you warm and comfortable all night long.


Memory Foam

Memory foam expands as it cools, relieving pressure on the joints and molding to the body.


The product is designed with a combination of innerspring and memory foam comfort in mind.


Pocketed Spring

Individually fabric-covered springs offer a higher level of comfort by better positioning to suit every part of your body.


It's designed to spread out the mattress's weight over its entire surface for a snug, comfortable fit all night long.


Durable, Eco-friendly Mattress Materials That Will Last

We have searched the world for creative materials ranging from organic, sustainable fibers to natural foams that improve comfort for better sleep.


CertiPUR-US® Standards

All of Sherwood Bedding foam has been tested by independent labs to make sure it meets all of our certifications, such as Content, Emissions, and Durability.

Fire-Retardant Materials

While many mattress companies rely on spray-on flame-retardant additives, Sherwood Bedding instead relies on materials developed and designed to be flame-retardant.

Recycle More, Waste Less

We are constantly striving to reduce the amount of waste and inefficiencies in our production process, thus enabling us to incorporate more superior materials into each mattress we produce.


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